How to Provoke Questions

Barbara Nicolosi, founder of Act One(http://www.actoneprogram.com/index.htm) once said in an interview-

"Too many Christians think we are supposed to use the arts to give people the answers. We’re not. We’re supposed to use the arts to lead them into a question. And that is just one stage in their personal journey of divine revelation. Once they have a new question, they will be on a search - consciously or subconsciously. They are going to read, they are going to meet people, God is going to send other things in their life. They are not going to get dunked in the baptismal font and raised to the altar from a movie. That’s too much. But the arts can definitely send people delving."

I completely agree, and it applies to writing novels and comic-books as well. I once said in an earlier post that some Christian writers don't ever really care about the quality of their story as long as you become a Christian by the end of the book.

In actuality, the only thing you will accomplish by that method is to repel your readers. The main goal of a Christians' work should be to spark curiosity. Create an interesting story that'll hook your reader, and the audience will want to know more.

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  1. I like that quote. And I agree! I've done that route...trying to hard to punch the reader with a Christian message...live and learn :)


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