3 Ways to Work with Visions

Leave it open-ended.
It'll take all the suspense out of a story if everybody knows whats going to happen. Try leaving it open to the interpretation of the reader and the character(s). The premonition might be vague, or it may mean more than it appears. The Medium frequently has dreams where the vision means more than it suggests at first.

Make it a metaphor.
Maybe the dream or vision is a metaphor for something that happened or is going to happen. Alot of visions in the Bible where metaphors for something that was going to happen in the future.

Avoid inconstancy.
If a person has a vision about an event that's going to happen and they prevent it, that means it didn't happen at all! Try to make the vision portray possible outcomes of the situation the person has to prevent. You can also make the outcome become the very situation the character had forseen in the vision.

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